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Yes! One of our artists will be happy to design your custom product. Please submit a request by email or contact form on our website   HERE

It depends on complexity of the work. A very simple design, with no graphics would be done at NO extra cost. Additional graphics or extra detail is charged extra. Please go to CUSTOM DESIGN for more info  HERE

YES! If a product you want is not offered by us, we do our best to locate the blank product from other vendors and have your desired graphic printed on that product. Please keep in mind, there may be some extra time for delivery. Use this link to submit your request  HERE

YES! Please sign up for our newsletter and rest assured your info stays private and you may unsubscribe at any time  HERE

YES! We are thrilled that you are happy and you may upload a short video, showing off your product, wearing it or using it. And don’t be shy, tell your family and friends about us. Upload your short video at this link:

YES! Please submit a request by email or contact form on our website. Full integration with the checkout process is coming soon.

Most orders are shipped out within three days. During busy times such as Christmas, please allow few extra days to be sure of timely delivery. Also see the shipping page for more info  HERE

Please see our REFUND POLICY   HERE

In non-legal terms, only the info that we have to in order to complete your purchase and that is required by law and only for the duration that is required. For more info please see our PRIVACY POLICY HERE

Maybe, contact us by email and send some samples of your creations.

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