Magical Memes Art

About our Artists


Hana has a spicy, freedom-loving sense of humor and her art reflects her personality. She the most tech-savvy of us and is the webmaster for our little business.



Jane is anything but plain jane. She has a talent for assembly of colors, fonts, shapes and overall design. She is a part-time artist and a full-time mothers of two.



Lucy loves to paint using various mediums such as watercolor, acrylics and oils. She uses nature, animals and scenery as her favorite subjects.


About our Commitment to You

Smile, Satisfaction, Quality

We take pride in our designs, workmanship and attention to detail. If you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right! Please see our  PAGE on  returns and refunds


Our Request From You

Don't be shy!

After you order and receive your product(s). Give us an honest testimonial. A photo of you is great, a short video (20-60 seconds) is even better! If you love your product and we love your testimonial, we will send you discount coupon so you can multiply the love.  And tell your friends and family!

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About our Inspiration Mascot


Little Sam is a rescue dog that has brought much love, happiness and inspiration to many people, including us. Oh, and she works for kibble and liver treats.